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Buying at Auction

Buying at Auction


By taking a property to auction, the seller is putting a date on the sale of the property; therefore, buyers can have complete confidence knowing the seller is committed. As a buyer, you can submit offers on an auction property before auction day. In other words, if you submit an offer that's attractive to a seller, the seller may accept your offer prior to the auction.


At auction, you call bids in a transparent environment where you can see all offers in real-time. Auctions create an open arena that eliminates the uncertainty of a long negotiation period. You see exactly how much money it will take to be the highest bid instead of wondering why your offer wasn’t accepted. If other bidders surpass the amount you're willing to pay, you're under no obligation to keep bidding.


When bidding at a Modern Auction, the bids are unconditional. Register before auction to acquire your bidding number. 

Harcourts Platinum has reached an agreement with First National Bank and SA Homeloans to offer a fully pre-approved bond to registered bidders. Unlike a pre-qualification, which indicates only what you should qualify for and is not binding, a pre-approval is binding and guaranteed by a bank. 

This special offering is available only through Harcourts Platinum, and only on approved auction properties. If you would like to be pre-approved then contact your Harcourts Platinum agent today to start the process.

Consumer Protection Act

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Auctions Terms of Sale

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