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What all Buyers Need to Know

Choosing a Property That's Right for You


Choosing the right home will require you to balance your wants and your needs. It's rare that the perfect house comes along at the perfect time, but you can look for a house that is practical, attractive and fits within your budget. Here are some steps on how to choose the right home.

  1. Get pre-qualified for a home loan. This will expedite the process when you find the home you want to buy and give you a good idea of how much you can afford.  We can arrange for a confidential meeting with a qualified loans consultant who can assist you with your pre-qualification.  There is no cost involved in this process, and it will allow you to shop in the right price range and purchase with confidence.
  2. If you have a property to sell it's important to know how much it is worth.  Ask your Harcourts agent to assist you with a free appraisal.
  3. Make a list of your needs, that is, the features that your home must have to fit your lifestyle. Be as rational, rather than emotional, as possible when making this list.
  4. Think about the setting. Do you prefer a quiet setting, or do you want to live near restaurants, shops and entertainment? Research the things nearby that you need from your neighborhood, like schools, parks or amenities.
  5. Contact your Harcourts agent. Bring your list of needs and price range, we'll help you narrow down the properties you'll be touring.
  6. Be patient and shop around. You may get lucky and fall in love with the first property you see, but you'll make a better decision if you look at a number of them instead.
  7. Browse our Website and view comprehensive information on our listings.
  8. Feel free to register as a Buyer on our Website - and be the first to know when a suitable property is listed.  Being one of the first to view a listing will give you an advantage over other buyers.
  9. Move quickly. Once you've found the home that's right for you, bear in mind that you may not be the only one interested. If you're indecisive, someone else may well contact the agent first and make an offer.
  10. How much should you offer?  It all depends on what you think the property is worth.  Sometimes a property may be overpriced - but with Harcourts Platinum, most of our listings are listed at Market Value.   So compare the property to others you have seen, and others that have already sold - and then determine what you think the property is worth.  Be prepared to pay Market Value for the right home.

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